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Lunar Ecology

December 1, 2008

earth rise

earth rise

Recently, Google announced a competition to commercialize travel to the moon with a grand prize of $,$$$,$$$ dollars. While this is theoretically exciting, practically it is extremely distressing. Is the moon going to become a billboard for mega-corporations and politicians? Why focus on space travel when we have so many concerns to address within our Earth Community? Questions such as these troubled me for several days. However, a simple visualization exercise helped me to clarify the situation. I invite you to follow along:

1-    Develop Commercial Moon Travel for Cash Prize!

2-    Engineers and MBA’s race to actualize a plan

3-    Space Ship travels to Moon

4-    Passengers view Earth

5-    Passengers turn around, view Universe

6-    Passengers say: “Oh Shit, Fix It, Quick!”

7-    Existentialism triumphs over Capitalism

Needless-to-say, I am no longer as worried about the contest, and actually view it is as a mode for increasing environmental awareness. While man’s endeavors are ambitious, they serve only to make us more aware of our moment in infinity.